The album is out!

“Again is Already may be recording their debut album in a dining room, but you couldn’t tell by listening to the songs. The Champaign-based four-piece brings a polished and confident sound. Their new single ‘A Rough Framework’ melds post-punk urgency to a pop chorus that’s sing-a-long worthy on the first listen.” –Nathaniel Forsythe, Smile Politely, March 18, 2016

Double Single!!!

Square Single Cover edit 1h 1600x1600

NOW AVAILABLE!!! Our new double single: Lightning Liz and I’m Going to Say What You’re Thinking.

Download the tracks now at Bandcamp. These are two songs we’re releasing in advance of our debut EP, expected out this summer.

It’s pay what you want, so if you want to chip in a buck or two, that’s great—if not, just enjoy the songs!